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Apr 25, 2014 7:30pm PDT
clinton's chance to run for office. cnn clocked in at two minutes, technically two minutes and ten seconds, i guess cnn is only interested in what is floating in the ocean. don't you think this is actual meaningful news and could fit into your unnecessary over dramatic hologram rooms, virtual reality ride and random street yelling? you can't use your holo-deck green screen room to talk about global warning, jason jones, show them how it is done. >> we are out here in the state of the art stimulation of what it will be like when we are all boiling in the world's rising oceans. >> jon: jason, you are in a hot tub, jason. you are in a hot tub. >> check this out. alcohoholo-deck off. >> best graphic team in the business. they are even able to crop out this ping-pong ball i wear for pleasure, for a different kind of effect (bleep). >> jon: i am thank you. i am glad i didn't know what you meant. you don't have to change that much as part of your month and a half long breathless plane search you have martin savidge underwater to demonstrate what it is like under water. you can easily do this for
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1